Where to eat

Here is a short list of some places where to eat near Châtelet de Campo.

These restaurants and auberges are open all year round and are not "tourist traps". It will be a great pleasure to give you advices for your dinner plans.

In Corsica, the evening meal usually starts from 8pm... before, it's "Happy Hour" !

Café de la Poste

Cafe poste

Chez Sabrina & Jonathan

Café / Snack. Pizzas. Tacos,...

Map trans Campo - 100m

Open logo All year (closed on Sundays)

Telephone +33 (0)9 53 60 05 49

V logo Express breakfast for €8

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U Castagnu

Pizza - U Castagnu

Chez Batti & Marie-Ange

Bar/Pizzeria. Pizza cooked in a outdoor wood fired oven

Map trans Campo - 500m

Open logo Saturdayevening

Telephone +33 (0)6 28 67 50 93

V logo Order a pizza "special JB"

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Chez Baptiste & Estelle

Restaurant & Food truck. Daily dishes / pancakes / pastries...

Map trans Frasseto - 5 min.

Open logo Every day at any time!

Telephone +33 (0)6 24 14 57 54

V logo Take away or eat on the terrace!

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U Fiumicellu


Chez Toussaint & Marie-France

Restaurant. Menus / Carte. Corsican and French food. Pizza - Pasta - Salads - Grilling

Map trans Sainte Marie - 10 min.

Open logo All year. Lunch & Dinner (closed on Sunday)

Telephone +33 (0)4 95 25 78 38

V logo Taste the "cochon sauvage"

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U Rialzu

Trois x Trois

Chez Franck

Restaurant - Pizza - Italian et french cooking. Local fresh products, home made and/or organic.

Map trans Grosseto - 10 min.

Open logo All year. Breakast, lunch and dinner

Telephone +33 (0) 495 21 27 69

V logo Eat on the terrace under the lime trees

Auberge U Taravu

Auberge U Taravu

Chez Angeo & Nadia

Auberge. Homemade charcuterie from corsican pigs raised outdoors (AOC). Unique menu including wine (soup, fritters, terrines, meats, cheeses, chestnut desserts,...)

Map trans Zevaco - 15 min.

Open logo Lunch everyday & dinner on Fri & Sat

Telephone +33 (0)4 95 24 46 06

V logo Come hungry to honor the terroir food

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Auberge Napoléon

Chez Anthony & Guillaume

Restaurant. Menus suggestions / carte  Local dishes turned into appealing new products with refinement

Map trans Cauro - 20 min.

Open logo Dinner every evening and lunch on WE

Telephone  +33 (0)4 95 28 40 78

V logo Make sure you save room for dessert !

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Auberge du Col St Georges

Col st georges

Chez Madame Renucci

Restaurant/Bar. Menus and Carte. Corsican and french cooking

Map trans Col Saint Georges - 15 min.

Open logo Daily lunch and dinner

Telephone +33 (0)4 95 25 70 06

V logo Enjoy a local tasty veal with olives

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